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Joime - trip sharing app for New Yorkers

For years we've been using a facebook groups to communicate within kiteboarding community on which beach to go for kiteboarding today and tomorrow. It is working well, however,  it's not solving the problem of commuting to the beach. Most of us driving to the beach alone and we wouldn't mind to bring a fellow kiteboarder to the beach with us and split gas and tolls. Next time when you are planning to go to the beach open Joime app and post a trip selecting weather you driving, so you can pick someone else or you need a ride, so someone else can pick you up on the way to the beach.

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Choice - Second board for a Core Family


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Brand new: Core Sensor Pro bar system - the ultimate

More is impossible.

The brand new SENSOR PRO bar combines the entire knowledge of Carved and CORE, as well as the latest research results of the German premium line manufacturer Liros. The result is, by far, the lightest and most durable bar on the market. The 210 gram bar is constructed from a specialized Carbon-Titanium material that steers our new variable TECTANIUM® lines. They are 10 percent thinner and lighter, boast a 50% higher breaking load; and are up to four times more stretch resistant. On top of this the SENSOR PRO bar features a unique safety system consisting of the ROTOR release and the SUPPORTED SINGLE FRONTLINE SAFETY as well as many more innovative features. Perfect for wave sessions, kite loops and extremely explosive jumps and for those wanting the most direct and precise steering feedback.

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Cabrinha new Radar 2015 Beginner Kitesurfing Kite



Radar is a change for a Vector. A great beginner kite that has a fast turning speed, great relaunch and steady pull. 

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Core Introduces the Ripper2 Wave Board


Core never stops innovating. Today is the new Ripper, just came in stock. 

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2014 Triple-S Results

It has been a great week of kiteboarding at REAL in Noirth Caroline. With good winds riders were scoring an incredible tricks. Congratulations to the winners of the 2014 Venyu Triple-S Invitational.


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Light wind? Just add up more kites.

What to do when you have no wind? - is the common kiteboarder question. However, even worst when you have a light wind and it's not enough to ride. For sure, you can always take a bigger kite, however, take a look at the alternative. 

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One World. One Kite. Crazy Fly Sculp




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